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Law Practice Management

Chief Operating Officer Services

We provide interim and/or temporary COO Services.  

We provide a dedicated consultant for your firm's senior operations role. If you have an opening for a COO and/or Executive Director and need that dedicated support, we provide that help.

If you want to explore and structure a s‚Äčenior operating role and want to see what it would like and how it would work in your firm, we provide that help.  

If you want to augment a current role and/or person's efforts within that operating role, we provide that help.  

We can work on a project or time-based program - whichever works best for your and your firm.

Leveraging People

Leveraging people requires balance. You want to effectively hire the best people and ensure that they are working (and thriving) in the right roles to help drive business performance.

We help clients develop people resource strategies and plans, refine organizational plans and role definitions, provide guidance on identifying and aligning people into preferred roles to drive the business, provide on-boarding recommendations and plans, plus leadership development and employee engagement. We also help evaluate how people are performing in their respective roles in alignment with the priorities and objectives of the business.

Culture Drives Performance Workshops

Leveraging people effectively requires the right environment. Having an effective culture that encompasses key business values is vital to driving performance and maintaining growth. Understanding peoples' differences, motivations and perspectives will help people bring their 'true self' to work thereby leveraging their contribution to the business with increased focus, engagement and performance.  

Our proprietary workshop mixes theory, practical application and fun exercises to increase understanding and help everyone on the team better perform to the expectations of the business.  

Culture Drives Performance Workshop

One-Day Agenda

1) Let's Talk Honestly - Our Culture

2) What Makes Us 'People'

3) Being (Super) Present

4) What Kind of 'People' Are You?

5) Finally Accountable

6) Biz Values

7) Moving So Fast - Change

8) Say What - Getting Input

9) Working Well on a Team

10) Onward