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We Provide Brain Power to Help Law Firms Drive Growth

Law firms need to improve how they manage themselves to ensure their continued growth and to combat significant challenges in the global legal market. Law firms must address constant pressure from clients to provide more value for less cost, manage escalating costs, continually acquire new clients, retain existing clients, plus procure new business. These challenges are magnified by the global business environment with competitive law firms, legal services companies developing their offerings and footprints, corporate legal departments expanding their realms, plus the proliferation of DIY legal sites.

In an effort to address these challenges, law firms must improve how they are managed from a business perspective. Many senior lawyers at firms understand the concept that it makes sense to do what they can to help monetize their efforts. This is the idea that we call ‘billability’ where a firm does all it can to monetize its efforts by making as much work as possible be billable while reducing non-billable work (e.g., administrative functions). We need to extrapolate this understanding of the monetization effort by adding a level of rigor and business discipline to it. 

PeopleView Legal Business Advisors has developed a proprietary methodology to assess the health of a law firm's business by analyzing calculated elements and performance indicators.

We develop business strategies, identify growth opportunities, provide senior operational support and instill more effective ways of working to help law firms succeed.  

We provide Clients our Services in the following areas:

  • Strategies for Growth and Driving Business Performance
  • Law Practice Management Consulting & Programs
  • Business Health Assessments to identify risks and opportunities
  • Leadership Development, Employee Engagement & Culture Workshops
  • Client Management (Client Acquisition & Retention; Client-Centric Service Models)
  • Professional Speaking & Facilitation (Conferences, Events, Retreats, Groups & Teams)

What Makes Us Unique

  • We develop effective, practical strategies for growth
  • We refine organizational structures and roles to enhance growth
  • We develop strong effective cultures with improved employee engagement
  • We have 25+ years of relevant global business experience leveraging people and resources to drive business performance
  • We utilize our proprietary Legal Business Triage™ strategy and methodology to identify risks and opportunities
  • We create and implement business models to capture sustainable growth
  • We develop and instill client-service models and frameworks to secure revenue and increase client retention
  • We teach clients to implement global business best practices to energize and sustain growth